Venus Seaview Moon Shadow Cats Play Necklace/Ornament (Goldtone/Twilight Purple)

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Style #: W8447YG
A crescent moon ornament, meticulously polished to a radiant gleam, hung suspended from a delicate chain.

Its surface came alive with a mesmerizing dance of crystal aurora borealis faceted stones, each one capturing the very essence of the Northern Lights.

And there, nestled at the heart of this celestial masterpiece, a whimsical feline spirit with its playful paws tracing the curves of a full moon, a symbol of the essence of love and wonder of a cat.

Plated Goldtone/25mm Twilight Purple Moon.

Measures approximately3 1/4" wide x 3 1/2" high.

Chain Measures approximately 16 1/2" long
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