Protected By Mermaids Sweetheart Seaview Moon Ornament (Silvertone/Lt. Sapphire)

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Style #: W8242Y
In a realm where dreams intertwine with the deep embrace of the sea, behold a lucky horseshoe ornament, touched by whimsical magic and adorned with romantic enchantment.

Resting gracefully beneath a celestial canopy, a mesmerizing mermaid finds a quiet place beneath the ethereal glow of the full Sweetheart Seaview Moon.

The watery world of the mermaid shimmers with life, fish, seahorse, sand dollars and shells weave a tapestry of oceanic treasures.

Capture the fathomless love of the sea with this mystical talisman that let's the good in and keeps negativity out.

Plated Silvertone/50mm Lt. Sapphire Seaview Moon.

Measures approximately 4 1/2" wide x 7" long.
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