A Note From Jen & Helen

Greetings Fairies,

Whether you are new to the family or have been part of our magical community since the beginning, we are thrilled that you are here.

Over the past 44 years, our collection of fantasy jewelry, home decor and accessories has grown beyond our wildest dreams and imagination. How much has changed since dreaming this up from our kitchen table in 1979! And it’s all because of your love and support.

All of you are the heart and soul of our business and the reason we are still here today. From our fabulous cruise in 1995 to Fairyland in Newport in 2000, we have shared lifelong memories with many of you. We love hearing from you, collaborating on design ideas with you, and sharing this dream with you.

Wishing you love and magic,
Jen & Helen

About Kirks Folly

Kirks Folly is a world of fantasy jewelry, home accessories and clothing that reflect the Kirks’s belief that "Dreams really do come true".

The collection covers a wide spectrum of themes – from fantasy to romance to storybook legends. At the sight of these whimsical pieces, eyes light up and minds drift away to a world where fairies reign, mermaids splash and glowing stars grant wishes. This most enchanting realm has been christened "Fairyland" and Jenniefer Kirk leads the parade of magical characters as the Fairy Godmother.

The Kirks Folly story began in NYC in 1979 with one part magic and two parts hard work and determination. It was while sitting at their kitchen table that the creative genius of Helen Kirk sparked the inspired foresight of her sister Jenniefer.

Helen, who had always loved ornate, glittery objects and displayed a natural gift for design, took a simple pair of chopsticks and made them into extraordinary hair ornaments by wrapping them with embroidery thread, and attaching shells, prisms, charms, and beads. Jenniefer was so impressed with Helen's creations (which they named Glitter Sticks), that she began a campaign to sell them – and not just anywhere – but to the most celebrated department store in New York. Finally, after three months of calling, they were ushered in to see the buyer. The Glitter Sticks enchanted the buyer, and the sisters soon found themselves demonstrating the hair accessories to the store's customers, who couldn't scoop them up fast enough.

The company's personal philosophy is, If you can dream it and believe it, you can do it. That dream carried them to QVC in 1992, when the young network decided to take a chance on the whimsical jewelry designs that were unlike anything else they offered. Though optimistic, the buyers weren't sure how the audience would react to the fairy-tale and angelic-themed products presented during the hour-long show.

They got their answer when everything sold out in only 40 minutes! The audience immediately embraced the captivating designs with a passion that continues to grow with every passing year. The QVC journey progressed to London, Germany, Italy and Japan.

The original Kirks Folly closed in 2014 after 35 glorious years in business - however, Jenniefer and Helen did not take kindly to retirement and started designing and manufacturing again because they just couldn't stop! Their ever loyal community was the primary reason for their return.

The most precious thing to them is their customers who have been loyal devotees since the very first day in 1979.

** December 2020: Due to a pending trademark dispute in China, we must remind our customers that genuine Kirks Folly products can only be guaranteed if purchased here at kirksfolly.com, through our affiliation with QVC, or from an Authorized Kirks Folly Reseller **