Pink Dream 6pc Crystal Quartz Gemstone Memory Altar

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Style #: WVS3503CK

Mother Nature’s six piece Quartz Gemstone Altar embodies profound symbolism.

The Rose Quartz orb and Angel figure represent love, compassion and divine connection, fostering emotional healing and harmony.

The Turbo Aura Shell signifies spiritual growth and energy transformation, while the Quartz Crystal Cluster embodies clarity, amplifying intentions and purifying energies.

The polished Quartz Point channels focus and direction, enhancing manifestation, while the Mangano Calcite Tower embodies deep emotional healing, self acceptance and unconditional love, creating a sacred space infused with positive energies and profound spiritual significance.

Each one of these stones was Hand Selected by Jenniefer with love!

Note: The Altar does not come with the WVS3506C Selenite Charger Plate.

1pc Rose Quartz Aura Orb - Love 
1pc Rose Quartz Angel  - Love & Healing
1pc Turbo Aura Shell - Prosperity & Protection
1pc Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster - Power & Energy
1pc Crystal Polished Point - Power & Energy
1pc Mangano Calcite Tower - Peace & Tranquility 

These are natural Crystals, so each stone will be unique and have variations in natural characteristics such as Size, Shape, Inclusions, and Color.

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