Queen Of The Harvest Turkey Magnetic Enhancer (Sterling Silvertone)

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Style #: W7786S

In the golden embrace of autumns tender caress, imagine an enchanting enhancer that captures the very essence of the seasons bountiful love.

A resplendent turkey, adorned with vibrant plumage, takes center stage, it’s captivating presence accentuated by the twinkle of delicate, sparkling crystals.

Wrapped in a loving embrace, the majestic bird is encircled by a tapestry of falls finest offerings - a chorus of blossoms in rich hues and plump, succulent fruits and vegetables that speak of harvests abundance.

This exquisite adornment celebrates the romance of the autumn spirit.

Plated Sterling Silvertone.

Measures approximately 2 1/2" wide 3" long

Kirks Folly Magnetic Enhancers Can Only Be Worn With Kirks Folly Magnetic Necklaces.

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