A Thousand Hugs Octopus Necklace (Sterling Silvertone)

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Style #: W7290SS

A mesmerizing marvel of the deep, the octopus pendant nestled amidst a colorful underwater garden, swaying in the currents of the ocean’s embrace.

Surrounded by sea flowers and gentle kelp, it's haunting form dances with grace and elegance.

Tiny sparkling chains cascade from it's tentacles, bearing precious treasures from the sea- iridescent shells, starfish, a playful dolphin, and a lucky sand dollar.

The allure of this necklace is further enhanced with pastel beads, glimmering like sunlit waves, and a lustrous pearl that rests peacefully between the captivating array of sea inspired charms.

The necklace is a cherished emblem of the ocean's enchanting secrets.

Plated Sterling Silvertone.

Measures approximately 17" long with a 3" extender chain

Center Octopus measures 3" wide x 2" high

Octopus with dangles measures 5" long 

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