Heavenly Healing Hearts 3 Piece Set With Magical Folly Dust Bag

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Style #: WVS3066M

Gorgeous Girasol Heart has milkier shades – the color of pale passing clouds or the seafoam that hitches a ride to shore.

This crystal heart is curved with love and hope, ones softened from Girasol can hold everything you have to give and more.

This Heart Shaped Natural Rose Quartz is a soft translucent pink color. Pink crystals traditionally represent love, compassion, and kindness.

Labradorite is known as the dreamer’s stone.

The magic happens when light touches the soft smokey gray stone causing flashes of color across it’s surface.

Your Heavenly Healing Hearts comes with a Folly Dust bag with magical mix of Stardust and Moondust.

Every crystal is unique and one of a kind, sizes and color may vary slightly.

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