Amethyst Aura 6pc Gemstone Memory Altar

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Style #: WVS3502Y
Behold this exquisite gathering of natural treasures bestowed upon you by Mother Nature: the gentle Rose Quartz Heart, whispering secrets of love and compassion; the regal Amethyst Cluster, channeling tranquility and spiritual insight; the resplendent Turbo Aura Shell, radiating iridescent energy and transformation; the calming Lepidolite tower, crescent moon and sphere guiding you to inner peace and balance.
Each gemstone, a manifestation of Mother Nature’s eternal love, carries unique energies to heal, inspire and guide you on your sacred journey, connecting you to the profound wisdom of the earth and the cosmos.
Each one of these stones was Hand Selected by Jenniefer with love!
Note: The Altar does not come with the WVS3506C Selenite Charger Plate .
1pc Rose Quartz Aura Heart - Love
1pc Amethyst Crystal Cluster - Protection & Wisdom 
1pc Turbo Aura Shell - Prosperity & Protection 
1pc Lepidolite Moon - Balance & Serenity 
1pc Faceted Lepidolite Sphere - Balance & Serenity
1pc Lepidolite Tower - Balance & Serenity
These are natural Crystals, so each stone will be unique and have variations in natural characteristics such as Size, Shape, Inclusions, and Color.
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