Precious Power & Clarity 5 Piece Crystal Set (Obsidian/Apatite)

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Style #: WVS3059A
Radiate Power and clarity with this Clear Quartz Crystal Mini Sphere and Double Point. Sparkling with glowing energy, Clear Quartz is known as the master of all healing crystals.

Blue Obsidian Sphere shimmers with all the softness of water and the spirit of air.

Our blue Apatite 8mm Stretch Bracelet has incredible giving energy and is known to be a stone of manifestation.
This means that just having this on your person can turn you into a magnet for all those desires and dreams to flow towards you.

Gorgeous Girasol Heart shares similar visuals and vibes to the Clear Quartz Crystal but has milkier shades – the color of pale passing clouds or the seafoam that hitches a ride to shore.
This crystal heart is curved with love and hope, ones softened from Girasol can hold everything you have to give and more.

Every crystal is unique and one of a kind, sizes and color may vary slightly.
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