Precious Love & Serenity Medium 4 Piece Crystal Set With Free Gift (Amethyst/Clear Quartz Crystal)

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Amethyst Aura Point is believed to be a stone of serenity, balance and peace. It is thought to soothe the soul and lift the spirit.
The Amethyst Angel encourages you to move forward and will help bring focus and confidence in life. This Amethyst Angel is said to be very protective stone as it has a powerful, dynamic energy which wards of evil intentions
The Amethyst 8mm Stretch Bracelet is one of the best gemstones for bringing high vibrations, gentle love, soft serenity, and an open aura.
The Clear Quartz Mini Sphere is considered the master of all healing crystals.  When energies feel negative, this gem will provide an instant pick me up to chase away the fog and leave you standing in pure clarity.