Magical Starfish Magnetic Enhancer (Goldtone)

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Behold, an exquisitely detailed magnetic enhancer that pays homage to the artistic brilliance of Gustav Klimt.

The starfish is graceful and meticulously adorned with intricate scroll work, capturing the ebb and flow of tides with enchanting precision.

The artist's touch is evident in the delicate interplay of the raised detail, lending a three-dimensional allure to the starfish, while their enameled hues of blues, lavender and peach evoke the beauty of the ocean's embrace at twilight.

The starfish magnetic enhancer whispers a touch of Klimt's immortal legacy.

Plated Goldtone.

Measures approximately 2 3/4 " wide x 3" long

Kirks Folly Magnetic Enhancers Can Only Be Worn With Kirks Folly Magnetic Necklaces.