Divine Dutchess Lantern Wind Chime (Silvertone)

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Style #: W82093W
In the enchanting realm where dreams take flight, imagine a filagree lantern windchime, a vessel of romance and whimsy.

Within its delicate frame, twinkling fairy lights and twine, casting a soft ethereal glow that illuminates the night with enchantment.

Sparkling folly dust swirls and dances within, like stardust sprinkled by mischievous sprites.

Hanging from the lantern, large faceted aurora borealis crystals catch the moons glow.

Within these crystals are hand set twinkling stones.

As a gentle breeze whispers through, the chimes begin their dance, their melodious tones weaving a lullaby of love and serenity, creating a symphony that serenades the hearts of all who behold this mystical treasure.

Plated Silvertone.

Measures approximately 2 1/2" wide x 25" long.
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