Stormy Venus Seaview Moon Ravens Heart Magnetic Enhancer(Silver Ox/Stormy)

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Style #: W8298ZW
Behold the enchanting magnetic enhancer, a manifestation of celestial beauty.

A stormy grey moon, it’s face peaceful and serene, graces the heart of this mystic talisman.

Upon the moon’s tranquil brow, star shaped stones of iridescent brilliance shimmer like ethereal tears of joy.

Encircling the moody moon is a halo of twinkling stars casting a luminous aura of boundless wonder.

Atop the lunar beauty rests a grand black crow, a symbol of protection and cosmic wisdom.

The enhancer appears to be a relic of mystical power and look to the mystery of the crow for a symbol of love beneath his wing.

Plated Silver Ox/Stormy Venus Seaview Moon.

Measures approximately 2" wide x 3 1/2" long.
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