Mystic Seaview Moon Spellcaster Cuff Bracelet (Sterling Silvertone/Mystic Blue Sphinx)

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Style #: W7583MMS
In the soft embrace of twilights tender veil, behold a mesmerizing cuff bracelet that whispers of celestial love.

A radiant, full moon takes center stage, cradled by the arms of two beguiling crescent moons, their benevolent countenances aglow with a gentle passion.

As starlight dances upon the curved canvas, delicate pave stars twinkle like secrets shared between kindred souls, adorning the bracelets sides with an enchanting constellation of dreams.

This exquisite peace captures the eternal dance of love and grace.

Plated Sterling Silvertone/Mystic Blue Sphinx.

Measures approximately 1" wide and fits an average sized wrist.
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