Gnome Home Pin Pendant (Goldtone)

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Style #: W81964G
Ah, me cozy abode, nestled snug 'neath a twisty oak's embrace, where me kin and I find shelter from both moonlit mirth and stormy whims.

A wee wooden entrance, carved with tales of yore, beckons ye in to my abode. Imagine the walls adorned with painted pebbles and leafy tapestries whisper the forest's ancient lullabies.

Me hearth crackles with ember's warmth, casting a dance of shadows that weave stories of moonbeam frolics and squirrel chatter.

From me window, a panorama of dew-kissed petals and moonshine-dappled streams unfolds – a gnome's haven, where the world's wonders and secrets rustle like the leaves.

Plated Goldtone.

Measures approximately 2" wide x 2 3/4" high.
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