Snowy Sugar Quartz, Rainbow Moonstone & Pyrite 5 Piece Set

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Find that perfect place in your home to place and honor this dazzling Snowy Sugar Quartz Geode.

Snowy Sugar Quartz is best known for it's ability to help us to see things clearly and view the world with the purity of your inner child and the wisdom of your adult self.

Enjoy the clarity this magnificent geode will share with you.

Fall in love with the way light catches on our pyrite heart and cluster.

Enjoy the dazzling golden luster and watch them sparkle from every angle.

Wear your Pyrite bracelet with it's rich golden hue and savor the protective properties you are bound to feel.

The Rainbow Moonstone, with it's soft white translucent glow and it's ability to help you connect with your divine feminine energy is sure to become your favorite!

Snowy Sugar Quartz measures approximately 5" wide x 4 1/2" high.