40th Anniversary Starlight Dream Glass Seaview Moon Wind Chime (Antique Rosetone)

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Style #: W6727C

Evening Twilight arrives when the sun drifts below the horizon and its rays scatter through the atmosphere.

Somewhere in the spaces between Twilight and Dawn the colors created by the soft glowing light from the sky are the colors reflected in the handmade 88mm glass moon.

The Dawn of each new day brings renewed energy and strength.

Shades of tangerine, rose and pale green can sometimes be found in the light of the Crystal Iridis Moon.

Bathed in Antique Rosetone the moon and its crystals often bring a feeling of rebirth and happiness to the new day.

Love, live and dream under the Kirks Folly 40th Anniversary Starlight Dream Seaview Moon Wind Chime.

Designed and assembled in the USA.

Plated Antique Rosetone/ Glass Crystal Iridis Moon

Measures approximately 5" wide x 19" long.

Limited Edition - Each Wind Chime is Individually Numbered - #86

Please note that the Colors of the Seaview Glass Moon will vary

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