Sweetheart Seaview Moon Dancing Starlight Necklace Ornament (Goldtone/Crystal AB)

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Style #: W8141CG
The Sweetheart Dancing Starlight Seaview Moon Necklace Ornament features a kind and serene large glowing moon stone.

The luminescent glow of the moon and the twinkling crystalized stars surrounding it captures the essence of a dreamy night sky.

Heart shaped sparkling stones delicately accentuate the moon’s ethereal beauty.

Dripping from the magnificent moon is a waterfall of free flowing chains and stones that add to the beauty of this celestial body.

Wear it to make a bold and beautiful statement or hang it and be mesmerized by the moon glow.

Plated Goldtone/50mm Crystal Moon.

Measures approximately 3" wide x 18" long.
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