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Prior to 1994 we did not have theme shows on QVC. In 1995 we began our big production shows and every one is listed below. The fantasy continues to grow with each QVC show!

Victoriana Valentine
A Victoriana Tea Party trimmed in burgundy velvet & lace.

Fairyland Costume Ball
The Fairies celebrate our 15th Anniversary of magic making.

Angels By The Sea
Angels at ocean-tide basking in the gifts of the sea.

The Enchanted Forest
A rare glimpse into a sun-dappled world of hidden wonders.

Heavenly Holiday
A gathering of Angels to herald the most magical time of the year.

A visit to an enchanted island of wonder - home to all Kirks Folly creatures.

Once Upon A Time
The fantasy continues as we celebrate our 3rd QVC Anniversary.

The Enchanted Garden
The Fairies gather to reveal the gentle magic of their garden.

A Renaissance Faire
Knights & maidens join with wizards & dragons to share the magic.

Angelic Memories
Our family invites the Angels and you to a special holiday celebration.

Cupid invites you to open your heart to romance.

Moonlight Fairy Ball
Fairies gather at twilight as our 4th QVC Anniversary arrives.

Angels At Seaview
A special invitation to share in the magic of dreams at Seaview.

Fairyland Cruise
Collectors nationwide set sail with our family on a magical 4-day Cruise.

Angelic Magic
Angels, our family, you ... Magic!

Dreamland Linger and dream, for dreams do come true.

Medieval Times
Knights, ladies, wizards & dragons gather to celebrate our 5th QVC Anniversary.

Midsummer´s Eve
A night kissed with enchantment that promises magic. Make a wish!

Autumn Mist
Swirls of Autumn mist shimmer with the promise of dreams revealed.

Angelic Winterland
Celebrate the gifts of the season with our family.

Babes in Fairyland
Walk softly and see with the eyes of a child to catch a glimpse of the fairies at play!

The Glitter Ball
A galaxy of fantasy characters converge to celebrate our 6th QVC Anniversary.

Angelic Summer
The magic of twilight, the gifts of the garden, the promise of golden days.

Camelot Magic
Revisit the days of knights and maidens fair - you´ll be captured by the magic of romance!

Angelic Wonderland
The promise of Wintertime magic swirls on ice-kissed winds.

Cupid´s Kiss Open your heart and believe in the magic of love and romance!

20th Anniversary Fairyland Cruise
Celebrating 20 years of magic making with our friends aboard a ship to Fairyland!

Enchanted Summerhouse
The breeze whispers dreams of enchantment - listen and remember.

Enchanted Woodland
Dance with fairies, make a wish, celebrate your dreams!

Romancing the Fairies
Cupid´s arrow seeks its mark, and romance is in the air!

Crystal Starlight Ball
Dreams come true as we celebrate 8 years on QVC!

Enchant Your Home
Our Premiere Show of home accessories - bring your Angelic spirit home!

Fairyland 2000
Scenes from our magical celebration in Newport, Rhode Island.

Angelic Seaside
Sun-kissed sand, azure skies, and soft sea breezes carry whispers of magic.

Autumn Knights
Dashing Lancelots beneath a bewitching Autumn moon!

Cupid´s Dreamland
Romance abounds and hearts flutter! Will you be Cupid´s next target?

Enchanted Moondust Ball
Magical moondust sifts down from the heavens to cast a magical spell over our Anniversary gathering!

A Wedding in Fairyland
Presented in Parts I & II
The entire Fairyland Kingdom rejoices as Princess Tara weds!

Holiday in Fairyland
Our magical Santa bears holiday gifts to all who´ve been nice!

Sealed with a Kiss
Your romantic destiny has been "sealed with a kiss"!

Enchanted Twilight
Make a Wish! Embrace the magical powers of the Harvest Moon!

Fantasy Mini-Series
3 velvet nights of Fairy Magic!

Enchanted Romance
Twinkling hearts, fairy sparkle, and Lancelot!

Magical Moonlight
Beams of moonlight illuminate the magic of Fairyland!

Angelic Summer
Make a wish upon a summer breeze!

Fairyland Fantasy
Our favorite Fairyland characters gather for our mini-series!

Enchanted Wonderland
Sparkling snow, shimmering icicles, silvery stars!

Romancing the Heart
Fairy sparkle invites romance into a willing heart!

Fairyland Magical Moments
Celebrating 25 years of Kirks Folly!

Midsummer Magic Mini-Series
Twilight glistens with a glow of fireflies & a sprinkle of follydust!

Enchanted Holiday Show
Wrap yourself in elegance and sparkle for a magical holiday!

Enchanted Valentine
Hearts flutter as romance envelopes Fairyland!

Anniversary Fairyland Cruise
Sail away on a fanta-sea of enchantment!

Enchanted Seaview Show
The Seaview Moon Sprinkles Magic on Silver Sands at Oceanside!

Seaview Fairyland Wedding
A Magical Evening in The Crystal Garden at Seaview!

Collectible Christmas Show
The Enchanting Debut of Collectible Christmas Jewelry

Holiday Enchantment
The Frosty Enchantment of Dreaming Snowflakes!

Angelic Romance
Delight in a Valentine... Dance with a Prince... Dream of Sweet Romance

Fairyland Starlight Dreams
Wish Upon A Star And Dance With Fairies In The Moonlight!

Enchanted Twilight
Live From Seaview

Endless Seaview Summer
Twirl one last dance beneath the summer moon... Dip your toes in the sun-kissed ocean one more time... gather the final bouquet of summer blooms from your garden... and tuck the magic of summer away in your heart!

Collectable Holiday Show
All Holiday Wishes Come True!

Kirks Folly Crystal Holiday
Sparkle The Holiday Season!

Magical Romance
Cupid Is Casting An Enchanting Spell Over Fairyland...

Our 15th Anniversary on QVC
Kirks Folly Magical Memories With 15 Years On QVC

QVC Last Chance
A Show Devoted to Items Being Retired!

Fairy Godmother's 60th Birthday
The Celebration Of Jenniefer's Birthday With Friends And Family

Fairyland Factory
A Visit To Our Factory Where The Magic Is Born

Collectable Holiday
Celebrating The Holiday Spirit

Holiday Magic
A Cherished Tradition With Our Kirks Folly Family

Romancing The Fairies
Let The Fairies Help You Find The Romance

Crystal Fairyland 16th Anniversary
Let The Magic Surround You

Midsummer's Eve Show
That Enchanted Time When The Fairy And Human Realms Meet

Enchanted Summer Dreams
In The Glow Of A Seaview Moon

Enchanted Witching Hour Mini Series
Three Magical Shows

Holiday In Fairyland
Celebrating The Upcoming Holidays

Crystal Fairyland
Celebrate the Promise of Dreams Come True

30th Anniversary In Fairyland
17th Anniversary On QVC

Mermaids by the Sea
Summer Magic is Captured in the Splash of Mermaids Tail

Enchanted Harvest
Celebrate the Magic of Autumn

Witching Hours Spooktacular
The Clock Strikes An Eerie Tone Marking The Magical Witching Hours!

Holiday Dreamin
The Most Wondrous Season of the Year

Fairies In Wonderland
A Wonderland Of Fantasy Awaits - Filled With Fairies, Magical Winged Creatures, And Beloved Storybook Characters

Mad Hatter Fairyland
Take a Fantastical Journey Down The Rabbit Hole and Unveil All The Wacky Characters as They Gather For Tea!

Twilight Dreams
Our 18th Anniversary on QVC

Mermaid Magic
Glimse The Splash Of A Mermaid's Tail From The Oceans Of Fantasy

Harvest Witching Hours
Twilight approaches...the Seaview Moon glows with mystical light...the enchanted Harvest Witching Hours are here

Artist In Fairyland
With Special Guest Josephine Wall

Romanace In Fairyland
A Fairyland of Fantasy Awaits

Fairyland Dreams
Dreams Dance Beneath the Seaview Moon

Crystal Dreams 19th Anniversary
Enchantment comes to life in Crystal Dreams

Fairyland Summerhouse Dreams
The Fairies beckon... the Victorian Summerhouse awaits... Linger in Summer's Garden...

Sparkling Spooktacular
The Seaview Moon casts a mystical light... the belfry clock chimes the Witching Hour... gather with us in dark of night for a Sparkling Spooktacular Halloween!

Angelic Holiday
Our Enchanting Shows Filled with Designs to Sparkle the Holiday Season

Romancing the Fairies
Romance Takes Flight for One Magical Show

Moonlight in Fairyland
Moonlight Casts a Spell of Enchantment

Our 20th Anniversary Shows
Dream and Believe... Remember the Magic... Sparkle the World

Mermaid Madness
Glimpse the splash of a mermaid's tail in the glow of the Seaview moon...

Star Goddess Bewitching Hour
The Seaview Moon is aglow... and the Bewitching Hour is Near

Enchanted Romance
The Fairies are gathering beneath the Seaview Moon... and Romance is Taking Flight...

Enchanted Spring Show
It's morning in Fairyland... wake up with the fairies!

Seaview Ocean Dreams Shows
Our 21st Anniversary on QVC

Magical FairyLand Fall
Enchantment is in the air

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