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Jenniefer Kirk is known by Kirks Folly Collectors as the Fairy Godmother. Jenniefer has taught thousands of Kirks Folly enthusiasts how to make their dreams come true by taking them to the fairy tale places of their imaginations.

During each QVC Show, The Fairy Godmother presides over a magical destination. These shows are beautifully elaborate productions with settings and costumes that bring the Kirks Folly fantasy themes to life.

The Fairy Godmother is never without her Magic Wand which is filled with Follydust. For those of you who don´t know about Follydust, it´s a glittering mixture made from the magic of a baby´s smile and light of the brightest star. It also contains a special mix of Moondust, Pixiedust and Stardust and is especially powerful. It must be used wisely because dreams do come true! The Fairy Godmother´s Wand and magical Follydust (along with a smaller Magic Wand for the less adventurous) can be found in our Online Shopping pages in the Home Accent and Gifts section.

On occasion, Jenniefer and the Kirks Folly Fairies appear at Fairy Teas all around the US or the UK. Everyone who comes to see them gets a special gift and a sprinkling of Follydust. Don´t miss an appearance in your area -- the memories you take home will be a special addition to your Kirks Folly collection. Fairy Tea Schedules will be posted here when the Fairies set dates, so check back often.

To send a letter to Jenniefer, write her at:
Kirks Folly, 236 Chapman St., Providence, RI 02905
or e-mail a fairygram to

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